“A look at the talents and skills
required by the companies of today and tomorrow.”

Talences is a consultancy firm dedicated to the search and recruitment of executives, experts, and directors specialized in the service industry: Hotels and Catering, Real Estate and Health.
Talences supports men and women in growth, sustainability and the transformation of SMEs and large groups. Proof: yesterday’s candidate is often today’s client.
Many collaborations with large groups and SMEs punctuate Talences’ current activity.
Talences is sought out by actors in the healthcare and medico-social industry and today Talences benefits from a network and a significant database.
that is welcoming, clear-sighted and proactive.
Talences’s goal is to establish a sustainable partnership, founded on trust and based on common values: integrity, respect, commitment, closeness and performance.
Each recruitment mission is unique and requires a customized approach.
Talences supports the client in reflecting on the profile sought and informs the candidate on the validity of his motivation to join a company.
Knowledge of the industry and skills required, understanding of the company’s organization and the candidate’s motivation, identification of the company’s main values and those that animate the candidate; all these elements together allow us to ensure that the candidates presented correspond to the company’s expectations, and the company to the candidates’:
                                                                                                                     “in favor of controlled sustainable recruitment”
Consultants and Search Agents are trained in various tools with the aim of responding to the missions entrusted to us in an appropriate way.
The high involvement of the consultant in the search contributes to the success of his recruitment missions.
Talences demands both quality and reactivity, which rests on a partnership relationship of confidentiality and a sense of responsibility.

Frédérique Plard

Frédérique Plard is a graduate of INSEEC Paris (class of 1998).
In 2004, encouraged by decision-makers in real estate, she created Talences: an executive recruitment firm specialized in the service industry with an approach and methods devoted to successful recruitment.
Initial training in hotel management accompanied by experience in diverse sectors (the retirement industry, restaurant Fouquet’s in Paris, hotels and luxury hotels in Paris, the Fauchon boutique and reception, and Club Med headquarters and on site) led Frédérique Plard to the understanding of a strong universal idea:
“the spirit of service”
Following time in legal auditing, she became a recruitment consultant in a firm specialized in hotels and catering and developed the culture/leisure branch.
Frédérique Plard gained cross-sector knowledge and knowledge of the hotel industry. An interest in defining the orientation of research strategies, coupled with a strong preference for a direct approach, meant she was predisposed to be highly involved in the identification phase:
“the spirit of research”
Searches are led by an experienced search agent.